Daniela Christiansson - Healthy Model

I'm Daniela, Swedish model and environmental activist, born in Switzerland and living nowadays in Italy! 

I've been modelling worldwide for more than 10 years, working with big names such as Dior, YSL, Red Valentino, Vodafone, Garnier, etc. and have also been hosting several events and doing interviews during the fashion weeks for Fashion Channel. 

I graduated in business management and sustainability, I speak 7 languages, I am very involved since 2015 in sustainability and have worked and developed several environmentally-friendly projects, such as:

  • I am the founder and ambassador of the Green Fashion Week, which aims to promote climate change through slow fashion. 
  • I collaborate with the UNFCCC as Champion of their Climate Neutral Now initiative to fight climate change and with whom I've made a promotional video for their CNN campaign at COP21 in Paris. I have been recognised by the UNFCCC for being their inspiration for the Fashion Charter for Climate Action that they have recently launched. 
  • I was one of the Ambassadors to the Brazilian Rosewood Amazon Conservation project of Allcot Group to fight deforestation of the Amazon Rainforest, plant trees and support the local community.
  • I've been a writer for Eluxe Magazine with whom we've created The Greenfashionista.
  • And I help in promoting the organization, Route Brasil, through my social media and network to influence as many people as possible to preserve our oceans. I also participated in one of the biggest beach clean-ups in the world, on World Ocean Day, last June 2019, in Rio De Janeiro.  

You can find out more about me on my Instagram @danielachristiansson. I am a globe-trotter and am passionate about everything that is around beauty and fashion and that is healthy and eco-friendly.